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Who Do We Serve?

Developing Outdoors has been the exclusive staffing agency for Club Oak Park (OPUSD’s extended care program). While schools and Club Oak Park are closed for the pandemic, we have shifted to provide direct at-home staffing options to assist with the care of your child.

We are open to serving families that reside in the North Los Angeles County/South Ventura County areas.


What Do We Do?

The at-home staffing program can provide:

  • Support with school work
  • Options for students that include both structured and unstructured opportunities to build social and emotional skills
  • Flexible scheduling including both part and full time options
  • Fun games and outside play
  • Quieter games and indoor play

Who Are The Staff?

Our staff, or Mentors, are exceptional, knowledgeable, and competent individuals who strive to make the at-home and extended care experience of our students positive and nurturing. We value diversity and a range of skills and experiences within our staff, who in turn impart these same values to the children in our care. Staff will maintain a supportive, warm, and inclusive atmosphere at all times.


A Professional Employer Organization

We believe that students’ education and enrichment should extend outside the walls of the classroom. This belief, alongside the ambition for creating positive, exciting, and supportive experiences, are the foundation of excellence found in our staff.

Our company hires child care professionals, whom we call Mentors, to provide child care staffing & resources to clients in the North Los Angeles County and South Ventura County areas. This Fall 2020, we are bringing this service directly to families! Our Mentors are standing by, ready to serve your child(ren) before, during, and after school hours. By seeking exceptional staff and providing continued training and support, Developing Outdoors cultivates a unique and caring experience in which children’s emotional, educational, social, and creative skills are fostered. We welcome your application for direct care staffing and are able to serve both single households and multiple household groups.

How Can We Help You?

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